Costume wigs at Betsyrosscostumes.com

Costume wigs at Betsyrosscostumes.com

Wigs can be a fun or even a necessary addition to any costume. If you want to be a specific character, you need a wig. For instance, George Washington would need a colonial wig, Elvis would need a full black wig with side burns and a pirate might want the Captain Hook look with a long black curly wig. What would Cleopatra be in a beautiful costume without the traditional Cleo wig to complete her look. And then there is Santa. We have Santa sets ranging from $19.95 to $119.95.

At Betsy Ross Costumes, we stock hundreds of costume wigs for everything from a fun party to a stage production. These wigs are made from quality synthetic fibers. Remember, if you don't see the wig you need, call us. We would love to hear from you.

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Abraham Lincoln KitAbraham Lincoln Kit
Albert Einstein KitAlbert Einstein Kit
Alice Wig (Alice in Wonderland)Alice Wig (Alice in Wonderland)
Amelia Earhart KitAmelia Earhart Kit
Betsy Ross KitBetsy Ross Kit
Biblical Wig and Beard-MosesBiblical Wig and Beard-Moses
Christopher Columbus KitChristopher Columbus Kit
Colonial Woman wigColonial Woman wig
Corn Row Wig - BlackCorn Row Wig - Black
Elf WigElf Wig
George Washington KitGeorge Washington Kit
Honolulu Honey - BlackHonolulu Honey - Black
Legolas WigLegolas Wig
Monk WigMonk Wig
Moustache - GamblerMoustache - Gambler
Pilgrim Lady KitPilgrim Lady Kit
Pilgrim Man KitPilgrim Man Kit
Santa Wig & Beard SetSanta Wig & Beard Set
Thomas Jefferson - Founding Fathers KitThomas Jefferson - Founding Fathers Kit
Uncle Sam KitUncle Sam Kit
Wig - Atheian GoddessWig - Atheian Goddess
Wig - Be-BopWig - Be-Bop
Wig - Beach BumWig - Beach Bum
Wig - Beach BumWig - Beach Bum
Wig - CleoWig - Cleo
Wig - CleoWig - Cleo
Wig - Club CurlsWig - Club Curls
Wig - Colonial ManWig - Colonial Man
Wig - Deluxe AfroWig - Deluxe Afro
Wig - DiscoWig - Disco
Wig - Disco LadyWig - Disco Lady
Wig - Egyptian PrincessWig - Egyptian Princess
Wig - Featherd and FlirtyWig - Featherd and Flirty
Wig - GrannyWig - Granny
Wig - Head BangerWig - Head Banger
Wig - Hollywood Rocker (Brett Michaels)Wig - Hollywood Rocker (Brett Michaels)
Wig - Indian BraidWig - Indian Braid
Wig - Jazz BabyWig - Jazz Baby
Wig - Jet SetWig - Jet Set
Wig - JoanWig - Joan
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