Hats at Betsyrosscostumes.com

Hats at Betsyrosscostumes.com

There is nothing like a hat to top off a costume weather it is a Pirate outfit, a Colonial Soldier, a musketeer, a pimp, or just a fedora, derby or top hat. Hats add the final touch to your costume to make it special. Whether you are in a play, going to a party or participating in your town's founders days, a hat is a must. As for the ladies, hats always were part of the fashion scene from prarie bonnets to flapper feathers, and turn of the century hats with feathers, flowers and fowl. At Betsy Ross Costumes we have them all.

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Albus Dumbledore Tassel Hat (Harry Potter)Albus Dumbledore Tassel Hat (Harry Potter)
Army Private HatArmy Private Hat
Aviator SetAviator Set
Beret-Felt HatBeret-Felt Hat
Bonnet - 1800's - BrownBonnet - 1800's - Brown
Bonnet - 1800's - BurgandyBonnet - 1800's - Burgandy
Bonnet- Priairie (Polk Bonnet) - Red CheckeredBonnet- Priairie (Polk Bonnet) - Red Checkered
Bowler - BlackBowler - Black
Bowler - BrownBowler - Brown
Cowboy LJVCowboy LJV
Cowgirl Hat-Pink SequinCowgirl Hat-Pink Sequin
Derby - BlackDerby - Black
Derby - BrownDerby - Brown
Derby/Bowler BlackDerby/Bowler Black
Doctor Seuss Accessory KitDoctor Seuss Accessory Kit
Doctor Seuss Cat In The Hat Hat Felt HatDoctor Seuss Cat In The Hat Hat Felt Hat
Doctor Who Fez & Bow Tie - (11th - Matt Smith)Doctor Who Fez & Bow Tie - (11th - Matt Smith)
Engineer CapEngineer Cap
Funnel Hat-Tin ManFunnel Hat-Tin Man
Hat - Abraham Lincoln Stove Pipe HatHat - Abraham Lincoln Stove Pipe Hat
Hat - Adult Knight Helmet - DeluxeHat - Adult Knight Helmet - Deluxe
Hat - Adult Knight Helmet - PlasticHat - Adult Knight Helmet - Plastic
Hat - Arab HeadpieceHat - Arab Headpiece
Hat - Aviator - BrownHat - Aviator - Brown
Hat - British Pith HelmetHat - British Pith Helmet
Hat - Cadet - BrownHat - Cadet - Brown
Hat - Cadet - GrayHat - Cadet - Gray
Hat - Chauffeur - BlackHat - Chauffeur - Black
Hat - Clown BowlerHat - Clown Bowler
Hat - Coachman - BlackHat - Coachman - Black
Hat - Coachman - GrayHat - Coachman - Gray
Hat - Coachman - Lt. BrownHat - Coachman - Lt. Brown
Hat - Confederate Officer - FeltHat - Confederate Officer - Felt
Hat - Confederate Soldier Kepi - CottonHat - Confederate Soldier Kepi - Cotton
Hat - Felt PirateHat - Felt Pirate
Hat - GangsterHat - Gangster
Hat - Giant Gold Lam'e TurbanHat - Giant Gold Lam'e Turban
Hat - Giant Gold TurbanHat - Giant Gold Turban
Hat - Gold Roman HelmetHat - Gold Roman Helmet
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