Masks are not just for Halloween! When we think of masks, we almost always think of the full over the head rubber masks that transform you into someone else, or the small domino eye masks like the Lone Ranger wore, but today there is a whole range of masks from the ugly to the very ornate Mardi Gras masks and everything in between. Betsy Ross Costumes stocks licensed character masks like the Grinch, Shreck, and Homer Simpson, political masks, and various character masks. In addition, Betsy Ross Costumes stocks hundreds of various eye masks and hundreds of ornate masquerade and Mardi Gras masks.

If you have a specific mask in mind, and do not see it on our site, please contact us. There is a very good chance we have it in stock.
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**Special**   Mardi Gras Mask Grab Bags - 12pc**Special** Mardi Gras Mask Grab Bags - 12pc
**Special**   Mardi Gras Mask Grab Bags - 6pc**Special** Mardi Gras Mask Grab Bags - 6pc
Batman MaskBatman Mask
Batman MaskBatman Mask
Bunny Half Mask - PlushBunny Half Mask - Plush
Chimpanzee MaskChimpanzee Mask
Deer MaskDeer Mask
Donald Trump MaskDonald Trump Mask
Duck Mask- MallardDuck Mask- Mallard
Duck Mask-YellowDuck Mask-Yellow
Elephant MaskElephant Mask
Gorilla MaskGorilla Mask
Granpa Munster-Licensed MunstersGranpa Munster-Licensed Munsters
Hamster Mask-(Hip Hop, Kia Commercial)Hamster Mask-(Hip Hop, Kia Commercial)
Hippo MaskHippo Mask
Horse Mask-BrownHorse Mask-Brown
Horse Mask-WhiteHorse Mask-White
Lion MaskLion Mask
Mardi Gras MaskMardi Gras Mask
Mardi Gras MaskMardi Gras Mask
Mardi Gras MaskMardi Gras Mask
Mardi Gras MaskMardi Gras Mask
Mask - Brain EaterMask - Brain Eater
Mask - DominoMask - Domino
Mask - Mardi Gras - MaleMask - Mardi Gras - Male
Mask - W.C Fields- 3/4 Character MaskMask - W.C Fields- 3/4 Character Mask
Owl MaskOwl Mask
Phantom RockPhantom Rock
Pig MaskPig Mask
Rabbit MaskRabbit Mask
Raccoon MaskRaccoon Mask
Rooster MaskRooster Mask
Tiger MaskTiger Mask
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