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Easter Rabbit w/  Apron & Hat

Easter Rabbit w/ Apron & Hat

Easter Rabbit w/  Apron & Hat
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Unusual, rarely seen are Easter rabbits such as this gal. Old fashioned, and more of a natural rabbit face, this bunny is special.
 It consists of a one piece, zippered back, white jumpsuit, with mitts, spats, and hard plastic head. It includes a pinafore apron, and hat, decorated with flowers and plastic fruit.
 The suit measures 27" across, from under arm to under arm, 62" in length, from neck to bottom leg. The apron will fit over the rabbit suit, and measures 41" in length.
 Suit and mitts are machine washable, dry in dryer. Spats, have long fur, and can be washed in the machine, but MUST be drip dried.
 Hat is removable, and apron is machine washable.
 Head is made of a hard plastic material, and covered with faux fur. It can be easily wiped out with a wet cloth, and disinfected with a commercial spray.
 This rabbit would be perfect for Candy shops, Bakeries, Gift Shops, and more.
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